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The 52 Seductions

52 Seductions US Cover

Remember the days when you couldn’t keep your hands off each other? When you were unable to contain the urge to snog in public? When you were capable of finding erotic suggestion in the way your partner loaded the dishwasher? Well, Betty and Herbert remember those days too; it’s just that, after ten years of […]

The Electricity of Every Living Thing

Electricity of Every Living Thing Paperback Cover

“My world is made up of tiny electric shocks. Every living things carries its own current, and this finds its earth through me. Every unexpected touch, every glance, has a charge. I am a lightning rod, laid out like the red-nosed patient in the game of Operation, eternally braced for the metal-on-metal jolt of contact.” • […]

The Whitstable High Tide Swimming Club

Whitstable High Tide Swimming Club paperback

Dive into THE WHITSTABLE HIGH TIDE SWIMMING CLUB – the irresistible, feel-good novel from Katie May. Join Debs and Maisie and the high tide swimmers as they make waves in life, love and friendship.  Only the truly devoted manage to swim every day at Whitstable, because the sea’s only deep enough at high tide. So […]