We live through a thousand winters in our lives – some big, some small.

This is wintering. It is the active acceptance of sadness, the practice of allowing ourselves to feel it as a need. It is the courage to stare down the worst parts of our experience and commit to healing them the best we can.

In Wintering, Katherine May recounts her own journey through winter, sparked by a sudden illness in her family that plunged her into a time of uncertainty and seclusion. When life felt at its most frozen, she managed to find strength and inspiration from the incredible wintering experiences of others as well as from the remarkable transformations that nature makes to survive the cold. She discovered the magic of wintering as a chance for recovery and an opportunity for change.

This beautiful, perspective-shifting memoir teaches us to draw from the healing powers of the natural world and to embrace the winters of our own lives.

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Published by Rider in the UK, 6th February 2020, and Riverhead in the US, November 2020.